Solid Communications When You Need Them

With Covid 19 lockdown and the move to more and more home working, the dependency of key employees on their home network is increasing.

Imagine your kids - upstairs gaming and facetiming their friends, your spouse is downloading music whilst watching Netflix, and you’re struggling to hear the other people on the business conference call, let alone see the presentation about the new sales opportunity that your company are launching.

While many Wi-Fi systems claim to support around 250 devices at one time, it’s not recommended that you do so. You may still be able to access the internet but you’ll likely experience poor connectivity.  Because the WI-FI network is shared, as soon as you add a second device, you will get contention, which can drop the overall bandwidth by as much as 60%.  If those connections are busy (online gaming, facetime or Netflix which have continual data flow requirements), you can limit the available bandwidth for your business needs to as little as 5% of the available bandwidth. 

The office network is designed to deliver the performance required for office activities, with security and quality of service built in from the beginning.  The infrastructure to deliver this service cost thousands and has been enhanced over the years to provide the optimum working environment.  Compare that to the home, where you’re likely to be using the ISP provided router and WiFi “all in one” unit, which probably retails for around £30 and cost significantly less for the ISP to provision.

So, what’s the solution? 

We will provide a commercial grade network for your key home workers, designed to deliver an optimised, reliable and secure work environment


  • Enterprise grade router / firewall and access points  

  • Prioritisation of Work devices 

  • Segregated Guest Network

  • Remote Performance & Availability Monitoring

  • Office Hours Support

  • Optional Meshed Access Points to provide full house coverage