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Home Networking Hell - We have the solution - SolidHUB

So... Like a lot of people, we at SOLID IT Solutions were thrust into a situation where we were suddenly working from home more in March this year and it quickly became obvious to us that our home networking solutions just were not up to the job!

Yes - My home broadband delivers around 50Mbps at the router, which sounds like it should be enough, but as a wireless router it really does not offer much beyond basic funvtionality. It is not really designed to cope with the throughput that we are now demanding of it, it thoughtlessly distributes what it can across any and every device that is connected to it and it has no way of knowing what devices I deem to be the priority at any point in the day.

So, if the wife is streaming Netflix on her Amazon Firestick while she sews, or the kids hit the download a new map pack on their favorite Xbox game whilst I am on a corporate conference call their devices can easily consume the lions share of the capability of the router, leaving me with a less than ideal experience for my work activity. Let's face it... We have all experienced those jumpy calls, and dalek like conversations that result from the above.

So. We got to thinking about how we could provide some of the functionality that your business has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on in the office within a reasonable priced home setup which provides;

- A capable, professional standard router that can deal with the demand of multiple devices in the home with a 2 year next day exchange warranty

- A personalised multi network setup, that allows us to seperate your working devices from your home devices and provide a separate guest network for your friends and family when they visit with secure segregation where appropriate.

- The ability to apply time based 'Quality of Service' settings that will prioritise your working devices over the rest of your devices, only when needed and during your working hours.

- A monitoring solution that allows us to see when you have an issue.

- A remote access solution that allows us to remote to your device for diagnostic purposes, even when your broadband line is down (Requires a sim card)

We have also thought about some additional options for those who absolutely have to a signal whatever the situations, these include;

- A 4G router with unlimited data, configured to take over automatically if your broadband or cable router drops out during office hours (Limited to work devices).

- Plugin Meshed WiFi Extenders that extend the signal through your property and even outbuildings and automatically use the most efficient route back to your router.

- Outdoor Access Points that allow you to extend the signal to the outside of your property for those who enjoy working from the Patio.

All this is available from £339 + VAT Setup and £25 + VAT per month per user. which includes all required equipment (Including a 2 year Next day replacement warranty), configuration of your home network, Self install instructions, 9-5 Monitoring and support and a remote access support solution (Home broadband line required)

To find our more about our SolidHUB solutions follow this link to our website.


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