Solid Communications Solutions In Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has driven many changes during 2020 and the challenge of so many people working home has been significantly mitigated by the massive increase in adoption of collaboration services such as Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

What has been a recurring theme though is the dalek like speech or the 'sorry I am back, the broadband fell over' comments as the kids come home from school and turn the X Box on or dive into this week's hot Netflix series. Whilst the software solutions that we have come to rely on have been scaled massively by the big players it is apparent that the end user networks that we are relying on are not fit for business purposes and do not benefit from the resilience, management and security that we have all invested significantly in within our corporate networks.

Here at Solid IT we believe we have a solution that offers all of that, and more!

Meet - Solid HUB...

- Enterprise grade Equipment

- Direct Replacement for ISP Provided Equipment

- Multiple Networks (Work, Home & Guest)

- Quality Of Service and prioritisation of WFH devices

- Centrally Monitored and Managed



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